TFC-80 Swivel

The Maximus TFC-80 is the largest 360 Degree radial conveyor on the market.

With an 80 ft stockpile conveyor and a 9.2 m3 feeder, the TFC-80 is the number one choice for the serious aggregate producer.

The TFC-80 can work at any angle from 0-360 Degrees. This improves ease of use and efficiency as it enables the end user to adjust the positioning and alignment of the machine without interrupting production.

The Maximus TFC-80 has a 129HP CAT C4.4 engine, with engine shutdown protection and is fitted with ultrasonic height sensors for support legs which prevents the machine from starting up in a dangerous position.

Like all Maximus equipment, the TFC-80 is designed to handle a wide variety of material such as iron ore, aggregates, coal, recycling and topsoil.


Length – Transport: 17.1m (56′ – 2″)

Length – Working: 25.8m (84′ – 7″)

Width – Transport: 2.95m (9′ – 8″)

Width – Working: 2.95m (9′ – 8″)

Height – Transport: 3.65m (12′ – 1″)

Height – Working: 10.7m (35′ – 3″)

Weight: 32,000 Kgs (70,547Lbs) Approx.

Conveyor Spec:

Length – 23.0m (80′)

Width – 1.38m (4′ 6″)

Engine: CAT C4.4 TA (TIER III)

Engine Power: 100 HP